Message in the Music

Amazon Music / Los Angeles, 2021


    Director: Christelle de Castro
    Still Photographer: Ash Alexander
    DOP: Johnny Romani
    Written by: Sylvia Zakhary and Sing J Lee
    Edited By: Victoria N, Christelle de Castro, and Alex Orea
    Amazon Lead Producer: Jane Shin
    Production & Agency: Mamag Group
    Exec Producers: Sylvia Zakhary, Sing J Lee, and Omar Hilmy
    Produced by: Sarah El Khawand

I photographed the Westcoast campaign stills for Message in the Music,a short film celebrating talented AAPI women artists Audrey Nuna, Deb Never, Joyce Wrice and Maliibu Miitch. We step into their worlds as they reflect on navigating their AAPI identities, connecting with family, and embracing authenticity in order to create their music and share their voices.”