Moods Exhibition - August 21-24, 2017

Curated by Aris Jerome and Ella Mai Weisskamp featuring Ash Alexander and David Paz

16" x 20" Archival Wetprints

Shot in Thailand, Printed at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena


Recap of Moods, a photography show presented by Aris Jerome & Ella Mai Weisskamp

Also featuring work by Ash Alexander & Dan Paz


Reconstructing Practice Convening and Exhibition: Toward an Antiracist Art & Design Field - July 13-14, 2018

Hosted by Antiracist Classroom, made possible by Art Center College of Design

Photos by Joel Aaron

I co-hosted a seminar alongside SVA professor Jennifer Rittner centered around diversifying curriculum as well as critical approaches to design and art pedagogy. Read more below!


Video by Sade Ndya

“The Antiracist Classroom is a student-led organization at Art Center College of Design. We’re a group of mostly graduate and undergraduate students, alumni, some staff and faculty, who are committed to cultivating racial equity in art and design education, research, and practice. This event was centered around people, practices, works of art and design, and spaces that seek to embody or enhance racial equity. We see racial equity as the condition of freedom from racially determined experiences and life outcomes, as derived from an intentional and meticulous dismantling of white supremacist frameworks that undergird the institutions in which we operate. The purpose of this convening was to provide a series of opportunities for young creators—of color, especially—to engage with and through art, design, media and/or technology.”