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Ash Alexander’s work honors the individual and investigates common perceptions. Her celebration of difference can be traced to her upbringing in Berkeley, California, and Bangkok—the former being famous for its subversive political movements and the latter a city steeped in tradition yet experiencing rapid development.

She primarily shoots film and sometimes experiments with alternative processes, adding to the mystery, appeal, and texture of her images. Ash is just as exploratory in her subject matter. Through her ongoing personal series in Thailand, she challenges and expands the accepted definition of Thai-ness by introducing unexpected subcultures and narratives. 

Ash is currently based in Los Angeles, but open to travel anywhere in order to fulfill a client’s vision. Her photographs have been featured in group exhibitions, zines, and music marketing and on magazine covers, posters, and album covers. In all cases, her images reflect a strong sense of empathy and connection. You want to know more, to stay in the worlds she reveals just a bit longer.

Clients & Platforms:

High Snobiety x Hill City
Out Magazine
Sukeban Magazine
Indie-Pop Records
KidSuper Studios
Eros Mortis
Afterlife LA
Offshore Agency
Sticks and Stones Agency


Kehlani (US)
Kamiayah (US)
Softest Hard (US)
Toro y Moi (US)
ThaiBoy Digital (Thailand)
Duckwrth (US) Alex Aiono (US)
Skylar Roberge (US)
Kool A.D. (US)
Crackho (US/Thailand)
Gemaine (US)
Gill Bates (Aus)
Macca 47 (Aus)
Guapdad 4000 (US)
Tia NoMore (US)
Micah Manaitai (US)
The Great Snakes (US)
DJ Patty YourVillain (Thailand)
Wavy Baby (US)


Sukeban Magazine UK

High Snobiety

V Files

Sticks and Stones Agency

  • Bkk 2559》

MOODS Exhibition Coverage

Curated by Ella Mai Weisskamp and Aris Jerome, featuring Ash Alexander and David Paz